Weight loss surgery methods of treatment are used only in extreme forms of obesity and in cases when the correction of excess weight by other methods is not effective. At the same time, out of 10 patients with obesity of the 4th degree, only one or two patients are being operated. This is due to the high risk of surgical intervention and the possibility of contraindications.

However, often, disappointed in the success of weight losing on their own, people begin to look for ways to change the situation with excessive weight. As practice shows, this is mostly women after 35 years, abusing diet for a long time and bringing their body to such a state that even the strictest diets do not give any positive effect.

Сhoosing a skilled surgeon and a reliable hospital for this operation

Weight loss surgery – an easy method to decrease your body size!

It is important to pay attention to the experience of a doctor. For example, studies show that patients who were operated by an inexperienced doctor are twice more likely to get back to the operating table or go to hospitals with the same problem. You should choose a doctor who has at least 50 such operations per year.

As for choosing a medical institution, do not be too lazy to check their certification and licenses. In America, it should be a certificate of the American College of Surgery or the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. In licensed institutions, patients usually get much better results after surgery.

Highly effective surgery method of operation on the abdominal organs

Among all the weight loss surgery options of treating obesity,Weight loss surgery – an easy method to decrease your body size! there are two types of operations are most effectively and widely used today: on the small intestine and on the stomach.

The results of the operation were carefully studied at terms from 5 to 20 years. 90% ofWeight loss surgery – an easy method to decrease your body size! patients during this period have a stable body weight, 40% less than the baseline. In addition to normalizing weight, there was a decrease in manifestations of concomitant diseases and complications of obesity – hypertension and diabetes. The level of cholesterol was normalized.

Surgery on the stomach naturally causes fat loss. However, the amount of weight loss is on average lower than after surgery in the small intestine. The frequency of relapses of excess body weight is large.
Still, belly surgery remains the most preferable in the treatment of obesity, because it gives relatively few undesirable effects and complications.

Another way to get rid of fat quickly by using a cosmetic surgery

It should immediately be noted that cosmetic surgery has an auxiliary value for weight loss. The most common reason for the formation of skin-fat deposits is a significant weight loss from 50 kg after surgical treatment of obesity. In this case, patients are concerned not only with a cosmetic defect, but also with physical inconveniences. For the purpose of cosmetic correction of the figure, there are two types of surgical operations are used:

  • excision of skin-fat;
  • suction of subcutaneous fat (lipectomy).

A more modern technique, which is widely used during the last 10 years, isWeight loss surgery – an easy method to decrease your body size! lipectomy – removal of subcutaneous fat by suction. The essence of this operation is the use of a special tool in the form of a hollow tube with a diameter of 4 or 8 mm, which is connected to a suction with negative pressure up to 1 atmosphere and is injected under the skin through a small incision. By applying special techniques in several sessions, from 1 to 6 liters of fat is removed.

Some other temporary procedures for losing an excessive body mass

Despite certain successes in the surgical treatment of obesity, none of the existing methods of surgical intervention is not devoid of side effects and complications. So due to this, there are an interest to apply temporary and completely reversible procedures.

The method of tooth splinting, proposed for the treatment of obesity is the imposing of wire-mandibular tires on the upper and lower jaws. Food is provided only in a liquid form through a thin gastric tube. The diet consists of milk and liquid soups with the addition of vitamins and iron preparations. This method provides fewer complications than any abdominal organs’ surgery.

It allows losing weight in three months about 20 and even 60 kg. Such a loss of body weight is quite comparable with the effect of operations on the abdominal cavity. However, the long-term results of tooth splinting were unsatisfactory. Most patients after the termination of splinting restored and even increased their initial weight.